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Google l4 salary

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My Company My Industry. Polls Keywords Customize Interests. Salary Comparison Find Your Colleagues. Overview Posts Salaries Jobs. Salary Comparison Get Your Estimate. What are the general L4 level salaries in Google India? Really appreciate the help!

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The number of years of experience is Thanks a lot! What salary to expect from Google Brain? Have an L5 offer. How much can I expect from Google Brain? Talk privately with your coworkers. Join your company's internal discussion. See what they are saying about their company!

Average Google, Inc. Salary

Also, the number of years of experience is 10 years! The recruiter said that she doesn't have the Offer details yet, but will have it at the start of the week.

She asked that I think about and prepare my compensation requirements - and that I can either let her know my compensation expectations right away or wait to hear.

Max L5 Salary at Google? Assume multiple competing offers. Last time I asked this question no one gave a solid answer yet there were 10 questions.When recent college graduates and friends Zuhayeer Musa and Zaheer Mohiuddin started to break into the software industry, everything they found on the internet about engineering jobs seemed to be missing the actual information they needed: How much do these jobs pay?

Software engineers straight out of college often make six-figure salaries, not counting equity compensation. Depending on seniority, some coders make millions of dollars per year. But where on that spectrum any given engineer lands often depends on a single number -- what's often called a "level.

At Googlefor example, entry-level engineers start at Level 3. Microsoft 's system starts at 59 for a software development engineer and goes up to 80 for a "technical fellow," or one of the leaders of their given field. The higher your level is, the higher your compensation — and Musa and Mohiuddin realized that their peers had a lot of questions about how the levels worked.

If a Level 4 at Google gets a new job at Facebookwhat level should they be? If someone gets promoted to ICT3 at Apple, how much should they make? So the two friends made a website to crowdsource Silicon Valley salary data from workers at big tech companies, and it took off. I was going through a job transition myself, I had only 2 years experience but had gotten promoted," Mohiuddin said, adding that he's seen friends get screwed over when changing companies.

The crowdsourced data on levels. Compensation goes up as level goes up and can even accelerate in an exponential fashion, the website's founders said.

google l4 salary

Each level has a slightly different job title at each company, but they closely correlate. The companies do have slightly different nomenclature. Apple's levels, for example, are called ICT, for "individual contributor tech. The data on Levels.

But the founders of levels. They also point out that the website enables people to drill down into each given estimate to see specific data points, including the submitter's speciality and location.

Engineers who have achieved a level at a big company wonder what level they might be at a smaller firm — and whether that comes with a pay bump. But companies aren't always transparent about what the range is for any given position, which makes negotiating for more money even harder, which is why Musa and Mohiuddin decided to crowdsource that information.

It's eye opening, and that's why we built this. Glassdoor or other pay sites don't make the connection between level and pay," he continued. I thought that too," Mohiuddin said. Some folks with a few years experience are making a couple hundred of thousands of dollars.

The downside to the leveling system is that there can be an up-or-out culture based on the levels, Musa said. Another downside is that that the laddering system could exacerbate the diversity issues big tech companies face.SF and mountain view have the same compensation, I think. This is almost more than twice what MSFT pays. Mind to share how much you are paying for rent? I share a 1 bedroom apartment with my girlfriend and dog, in a very new building that's a 20 minute walk to the office.

In a nice neighborhood in sf, you're not going going to pay less than for a room in a shared apartment, or for half of a one bedroom place. That is so insane. Thus, the cost of rent in SF is around 4x the cost of rent in a normal market. CA also has a much higher state tax rate than most places. Worth keeping this in mind when you're comparing SF salaries with real-world salaries. I think the best way for a programmer to maximize salary is to work remotely for an SF company, getting paid an SF salary, and living in an area with a reasonable COL and preferably low-to-zero state income tax.

Can I ask your working hours?

Is this L4 Google offer any good?

I work about to That's pretty good - thought because of your salary it would mean working crazy hours. Do you think you are a very talented programmer or average? SWE, L6, 11 years experience, hired at L4 base, 90k bonus, k stock grant size has been going up each year. Google gives fair increases on promo and even if initial salary was in the low end. Pretty common to get a high bump after a year if one negotiated badly.

What, pray tell, were you able to negotiate over? I tried, but it appeared to be company policy not to offer anything I was interested in. I don't know what "L4" means but the numbers you're quoting are considerably higher than the ones I remember from five years ago. I really hate this whole "total compensation" idea that has taken over the computer industry. Just pay me, or shut up, don't wave magic money in my face along with the real stuff and pretend it's all the same.

In the case of Google stock, it's real money, not magic money. Google bonus is real money, not magic money. Startup stock is imaginary money. Startup stock is truly imaginary, yes, but even Google stock has the magical property that some amount of it stops existing when you leave, which everyone does eventually.

Okay, the stock in the 4-year stock grant is imaginary in the same sense that your future salary is imaginary. I mean, fine, call it imaginary if you want, but that's true of all pay. Which means that, past the first year, at most 90 days of stock is money that might vanish if you leave.

I agree it'd be a lot nicer if it vested daily, but it's completely silly to characterize this as imaginary.Google, Inc. Salaries at Google, Inc.

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The $350K Google Salary Is Hurting Startups

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Comp Best Practices. Original PayScale Research. College Salary Report. United States. Average Google, Inc. Salary Show Hourly Rate.

Bonus Reviews Benefits. What am I worth? Software Engineer. Senior Software Engineer.Find jobs Company reviews Find salaries. Upload your resume. Sign in. Google Salaries in the United States Salary estimated from 3, employees, users, and past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months.

Last updated: March 17, Most Reported. Technical Program Manager. Product Manager. Research Scientist. Software Engineer. Application Developer. Site Reliability Engineer.

All Google - Software Development salaries. Get personalized salary insights. Tell us about you and get an estimated calculation of how much you should be earning and insight into your career options. Get started. User Interface Designer. Quantitative Analyst. Business Analyst.

How I Learned to Code in 6 Months - And Got Into Google

Technical Consultant. Business Systems Analyst. Sales Engineer. Partnership Manager. Solutions Engineer. Account Manager. Account Executive. All Google - Sales salaries. Program Manager. Project Manager. Hardware Engineer.Main menu Contents Want to see the real deal?

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google l4 salary

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google l4 salary

Close Navigation. Telecom Auto Health Aviation. My Company My Industry. Polls Keywords Customize Interests. Salary Comparison Find Your Colleagues. Home Compensation. Is this L4 Google offer any good? Dec 3, 48 Comments. Dec 3, 18 2. They keep telling me Google is conservative with their initial level, and it should be easy to move up if I am in fact under-leveled.

Google YEVO Never easy to promote here. I was also told that it should be easy to promote. It is told to under-level at the time of joining. You'll probably see crazier numbers thrown around here in Blind, but this is actually much higher than my L5 salary after promo.

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So congrats :. Dec 3, 14 1. Apple chipotlefa. See if you can better offer in a month else join G.Never mind the tech sector, Google is one of the biggest companies in any business. Its brand name has even become a verb, and the company has painted its primary colours over virtually every aspect of our lives. And the people who keep the machine whirring, according to data from company review platform Glassdoorare handsomely compensated for their good work.

Here are the top ten highest paid jobs at Google, and what the workers are expected to do…. Responsible for strategising campaigns and getting creative ideas over the finish line, this is a role that walks a line between project management, and knowing how to do your best Don Draper.

Not just limited to marketing campaigns, this individual must define the voice of Google, create interactive experiences and liaise with designers, strategists, writers, engineers and filmmakers. Role: Now this is a tricky one. The Director of Product Management has to almost second-guess the consumer; work out what they want or need in their lives and then liaise with engineers, researchers, designers and project management teams to create it. It can be tricky managing the accounts, establishing financial policies, maximising returns on assets and maintaining legal compliance in a small company.

So imagine doing that for Google. This role is worth every penny. Role: One of the most highly prized commodities in Silicon Valley is fresh ideas — and the people who dream them up.

This young blood is the lifeblood of Google.

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So, as the Senior Director of Talent Management, there are programs to kick off, managers to manage — and countless schemes, targets and guidance policies to lay down. Role: Partnerships are becoming increasingly important in business. Google may seem like a one-brand band, but you can be sure that there are deals and helping hands pushing the global giant on its merry, moneyed way.

As the director of these partnerships, this role is tasked with incubating business growth for a variety of products. Role: Leading the product development teams may seem like a basic task, but it takes a lot to be a good manager. By using deep, established analytical skills, this role demands strong decision making and the ability to work five steps ahead. Only then do companies get to market-leading positions like Google. Role: Once again, this is a leadership role — helping to optimise workers and their workloads.

As Director of Engineering, you have to be a pioneer; a virtuoso of your craft and able to turn science into an art. Develop products, outline strategy and bust any problems that come your way. Role: Just take a moment to think about all of the operations that go on daily at Google. There are the researchers, the developers, the engineers and coders — and then all the behind-the-scene logisticians and administrators.

First you need a name, so here are some ideas…. Words: Jonathan Wells.

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